What our students are saying about Total SAT Prep:

- Thank you for all of the help getting ready for the SATs. I increased my score by over 200 points and brought my math score into the range where I needed it to be! Ben F., Maryland

- Using the strategy and detailed lessons on each subject area, I was super confident on SAT day and increased my scores over 100 points in all three areas. Lisa R., Michigan

A unique, personalized online SAT preparation course created by Harvard grads, each of whom maxed the SAT and want to help others get to the TOP!

Discover our secrets and gain access to the tools we designed specifically for you. Each student's learning experience will be tailored to meet his or her express needs.

Our patented online process creates an individualized curriculum path for every student.
Classes. Flash cards. Tutors. Huge books of tests.
Scheduling conflicts. One-size-fits-all learning.
All this is completely outdated and lacks the feedback, guided practice activities, tracking and accountability tools built into the TotalSATPrep platform. We revolutionized personalized online learning in 2001 with our patented learning platform and we continue to lead this revolutionary approach to learning. Students get precisely what they need, just when they need it - delivered to their computer, smart phone, tablet, or iPad.

Let us share the 3-tier strategy that allowed us to maximize our SAT scores and get in to Harvard.

Students will create a plan that optimizes their strengths, corrects their weaknesses, and focuses on increasing scores in increments. Eliminate TEST ANXIETY, OPTIMIZE CONFIDENCE, and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS by setting your test-taking strategy to meet your own needs!

We got results and we guarantee you will too!

This program is designed to help each student not only succeed on the SAT but gain learning, thinking, and performance skills that will create life-long success.

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